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Purchasing A Grave or Cemetery Plot

Where To Bury?

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We have all passed by or visited a cemetery.  But, few people want to think about death, especially, the death of their loved one or even their own death.  While pre-planning a funeral is always a good idea so that you’ll be prepared when the time comes, and it eventually comes for all of us,  most people haven’t given much thought to the death or dying.  

In these cases, unless there’s an already purchased grave set aside for an individual or family, part of the funeral planning process will need to involve the purchase of a cemetery plot should the family of the deceased want to have the remains buried.

Cemetery Location, Location, Location

Grave Plots can vastly range in price depending largely on the location of the plot within the cemetery and the overall pricing of the cemetery. Some cemeteries have the “first class” locations which carry a higher price. For example plots in exclusive areas of a cemetery, such as a scenic hilltop, near a fountain or reflecting pond,  next to sculpture garden,  or other similar areas will be more expensive.  On average, plots start around $1,800 though some cemeteries may offer less expensive options.

If you think about it at it’s most simple, purchasing a grave plot is no different than buying real estate, because really that’s exactly what it is.  Much as you would with buying land or a home, you’ll want to shop around not only for price but to find a location that best suits your finances, your family, and the person who is recently passed away.

While some may not have pre-planned their funeral, it’s not uncommon for a plot to be bought in advance. Some families even give cemetery plots as gifts. Before you purchase a plot, make sure that you don’t already have access to burial/cemetery space that has already been purchased either your loved one or by a family member as part of the family plot.  You may need to consult your loved one’s Last Will and Testament or go through important family papers in order to see if this is the case. Purchasing a grave/cemetery plot in advance will generally be advantageous both emotionally and financially.

Bargain Plots

One economy option in purchasing cemetery property is to buy a pre-owned grave.  Yes, that does sound strange.  But despite the awkward name a pre-owned grave plot isn’t actually a grave that has been previously used.  Instead, it’s a plot that the previous owner has decided to sell because they won’t be needing it.  For example, a family may decide to move from the area.  Needless to say, they preferred to be buried where they settled, and, so, they look to sell the unused plot they won’t be needing.  This is one of the best ways to get a bargain when purchasing a plot.  Most sellers only want to recover the price they paid when they initially purchased the plot. If the plot was purchased several years ago, and in some cases, decades earlier, the asking price could be quite a low.
The cemetery may be able to tell you if anyone is offering a pre-owned plot for sale. But an internet search or a scan of local classified ads will lead you to many pre-owned grave plots in your area. Make sure if you do purchase a pre-owned plot, that you go in person ahead of the purchase, to look at the property and also check out the dealer before paying to make sure that the purchase is legal in every way.

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