The Funeral Consultant

Planning a funeral doesn’t have to be sad, scary, or depressing

Are we all in denial about death?

When a loved one is on their deathbed and everyone knows it, even if the loved one wants to talk about funeral plans, someone in the room will resist. “Now, Aunt Sue, we won’t discuss anything that negative because you are going to get better!”

So, when Aunt Sue dies during the following days, the family still has no idea what she wanted in the way of a funeral or memorial service or if she desired cremation instead of burial. The family must now go to the prearrangement visit, perhaps numbed by the loss of their loved one, and make many financial decisions amounting to thousands of dollars.

Why does a funeral cost so much?

When asked, around 85% of all funeral directors cited ’emotional overspending’ as the key reasons funeral cost so much. Why? Because we wait until the absolute last minute to even consider funerals. Also, since we usually do not have the ‘guest of honor’s inputs’, we tend to overspend to avoid family arguments, conform to what the funeral home staff considers proper and avoid looking cheap in anyone’s eyes.

Who can you turn to?

But who can the consumer turn to for information on funeral options and costs? Until now, just to the funeral home staff … and you know that would be a conflict of interest. The clergy has a nodding acquaintance with the funeral industry, but as a rule are no better versed in cost containment than the average consumer.

What consumers need is a third party; someone who has taken the time and energy to research the local funeral establishments and who knows what can be had where at what price. Someone who will be their advocate in this process. This is where Funeral Consultants enter the picture.

What we do

Funeral consultants can NOT arrange a funeral per se, unless they happen to also be a licensed funeral director*. Instead, a funeral consultant acts as a mentor or advocate, walking the family through every step of the arrangement process and explaining options and costs available at each step. This enables families to make more informed decisions in planning their own or a loved one’s funeral.

*Some Funeral Consultants are licensed funeral directors

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